Tina. seventeen, had no dreams. KWHS junior.


Me every time I’m hungry

"   I tried to smoke pot for the first time when I was 14. Figured I could sneak a few puffs off my big sister’s little glass piece. Stuck it in my mouth trying to figure out which end I was supposed to smoke from. Tasted peculiar. Plus, I just couldn’t get how to work the thing. Eventually, I discovered that these smoking devices typically have a little indentation where the marijauna is supposed to go as well as a pathway inside of it which allows you to inhale the smoke. Glass buttplugs don’t have either of these, which is an important distinction.   "
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I hate bad jokes unless I make them 

how fabulous is this i just found out my car’s sunroof was part of a 2010 recall hmmm maybe thats why IT WONT FUCKING CLOSE
good thing i live in washington lol rain for days


i stare at boys so much how do they not notice



Those damn eyes
fucked me

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